Roof Maintenance

Your roof should be inspected every 12-18 months and any necessary roof maintenance repairs carried out to avoid long term damage and costly re-roofing.
  • Guttering and down pipes should be thoroughly cleaned out and tested. Blocked overflowing guttering and downpipes can cause damage to walls and also your soffit and fascia.
  • Chimney stacks should be checked for defective pointing and damaged flaunching as well as any splits in the lead back gutter and flashings. Identifying any problems early will save problems with damp and costly repair bills.
  • All broken and missing slate/tiles should be replaced to avoid long-term damage to under felt and damage caused by water penetration running down the roofing felt and settling in the soffits.
  • Splits and cracks in lead work should be repaired immediately as can cause significant leaks at chimney or wall abutments leading to long term damage.
  • Flat roofs last on average 10-15 years and should be checked and swept off regularly. A felt roof can leak for several months without any sign and will seriously damaged the roof decking and joists below. Catching a flat roof leak early is the difference between a inexpensive repair or a costly flat roof renewal.
  • Ridge, hip, bonnet and verge mortar work should be inspected for signs of flaking or cracking.

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Roof repairs

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